The Gourmet Restaurant Menu

The Chef's Renewal :

Gourmet Restaurant is Opened from Thursday Evening to Sunday for Lunch.

1 Starter/ 1 Dish / 1 Dessert : 85€

2 Starters/ 1 Dish / 1 Dessert : 99€

                                   Duck Foie Gras with Morteau Sausage from “Maison Renaudot”  Confit Quince, and Toasted Sourdough Bread     


       Pan-Seared Zander with Butter, Pressed Red Cabbage, Creamy Parsnip, and Spruce Oil Carcass Jus                         

     The Caramelized Farmer “Porcelet” Square, Peasant Garnish Smoked Bacon an dCreamy Potatoes   

Spruce Parfait, “Mandjari” Chocolate Ganache Gentian, Spruce Bud Extract, and Gentian Freshness  


The Candied “Boskoop” Apple, “Gianduja” Ganache, and Salted Butter Caramel  


The Currents Suggestions

Madagascar “Rova” Caviar, Sour Cream and Blinis 
50g à 78 €, 125g à 172 €

Wild Morels cooked in Creamy Ragout, Grand Combe-des-Bois Fresh Cream, and  Winemaker Benoît Badoz’s Yellow Wine, full part at 38€, half part at 20€    

 Surprise 18-Month Comte Cheese  with Walnut Condiment in Yellow Wine 10€


The Desserts

Passion-Mango Souffle, and Freshness with Tonka Bean 19€ 

Spruce Parfait, “Manjari” Chocolate Ganache Gentian, Spruce Bud Extract, and Gentian Freshness 19€ 

Coffee “Robusta” Cream,  Praline Peanut Biscuit, Mascarpone, Cocoa Freshness 19€

The Candied “Boskoop” Apple,  “Gianduja” Ganache, and Salted Butter Caramel  19€


The Chef's Grand Tasting Menu

In Five Courses at 125€ / 2 Starters / 1 Main Course / 1 Cheese / 1 Dessert

In Six Courses at 145€ / 2 Starters / 2 Main Courses / 1 Cheese / 1 Dessert

    In Seven Courses at 165€ / 3 Starters / 2 Main Courses / 1 Cheese / 1 Dessert


 Choice of Starters : 

 Brittany Lobster Medallion, Lobster Broth, Tomato Cream with Espelette Pepper

                               And/ Or                     

 Wild Morels Cooked in Ragout, Caramelized Veal Sweetbreads, and Spring Vegetable Millefeuille

                       And/ Or              

                 The  Normandy Coast Scallops, Spruce Bud Juice, “Imperial Rova” Caviar from Madagascar             

 Choice of Main Course  :  

Norwegian Coast Salmon Cooked at 48°, Caramel Fish, Pressed Green Cabbage and Candied Leeks 

 And/ Or

 The Rack of Lamb Cooked Rosé, Oven Roasted Celery, Creamy Red Beet and Garlic Confit, Thyme Butter Short Juice  



Surprise 18-Month Aged Comté Cheese with Walnut Condiment in Yellow Wine          



Coffee “Robusta” Cream, Praline Peanut Biscuit, Mascarpone, Cocoa Freshness  


Passion-Mango Soufflé and Freshness with Tonka Bean  


All our dishes of the menu can be order from at carte

Our Meats come from France, Ireland, Holland & Spain. 

We prefer lacking from a product rather than propose a lower quality that would not satisfy you. 

All our dishes may contain allergens. 

Net Prices, Service included.