Gourmet Restaurant is opened from thursday evening to sunday for lunch. 


1 Starter/ 1 Dish / 1 Dessert : 83€

2 Starters/ 1 Dish / 1 Dessert : 98€

                                     Marbled Duck Foie Gras with Oxtail Red Bett and Roasted Nuts                                                                  


The Back of Line Bass Cooked at 50°, Black Rice Risotto with Fennel, Shellfisch Juice with Absinthe 


     The Squab cooked medium, his Legs Confit, Short Juice, Artichoke Declinaison and Corn



The Dessert Around the Yellow Wine, Creamy Vin Jaune, Diplomat Cream with Walnut, Vin Jaune Freshness


The Currents Suggestions

The Caviar « Rova » from Madagascar, Acidulated Cream and Blinis 
50g à 78 €, 125g à 172 €

The Wild Morels cooked in a Ragout with Fresh Cream from Grand Combe des Bois and Vin Jaune of the Winegrower Benoît Badoz, full part at 38€, half part at 20€ 

The Cheese Platter of our Craftsmen, Local and Ripened 19€   

The Surprise 18 Month Comte / Yellow Wine and Walnuts 10€



Les Desserts

The Griottines of Fougerolles Soufflé, Red Fruits Delicacy, Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Ivoire Freshness 19€

The Fir Tree Parfait, Manjari – Gentian Chocolate Ganache, Fir Bud Extract, Gentian Freshness 19€   

The Dessert Around the Vin Jaune, Creamy Yellow Wine, Diplomat Cream with Walnut, Yellow Wine Freshness 19€



The Chef's Tasting Menu


 Five Services at 125€ / 3 Choices, Cheese and Dessert

Six Services at 145€ / 4 Choices, Cheese ans Dessert

     Seven Services at 165€ / 5 Choices, Cheese and Dessert


The Choices


The Scallops Shells from Bay of Saint Brieux in Carpaccio, Citrus Vinaigrette Sauce and Caviar “Rova Imperial” from Madagascar




The Snails “Jacot Billey” cooked in Ragout, candied Shallots with Fir Tree Honey, Celeriac and Herb Juice with Sweet Garlic


The Schnitzel of Duck Foie Gras snacked, Lightly Spiced candied Pear Caramel of Trousseau with Pear Juice



Pike Perch cooked Pearly, Caramelized Leeks, Geneva Sauce, Sardine Chutney and Pine Nuts



The Irish Beef Piece cooked Medium, Rave Confit, Pepper ans Vanilla from Madagascar Juice


The Calf Sweetbreads Flavoured with Ginger “Azuki” Beans and Declinaison of chops of chard



The Surprise 18 Month Comté / Yellow Wine and Wallnuts          



The Griottines of Fougerolles Soufflé, Red Fruits Delicacy, Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Ivoire Ice Cream


The Fir Tree Parfait, Manjari-Gentian Chocolate Ganache, Fir Bud Extract, Gentian Freshness


All our dishes can be order from the à la carte menu.

Our Meats come from France, Ireland, Holland & Spain. 

We prefer lacking from a product rather than propose a lower quality that would not satisfy you. 

All our dishes may contain allergens. 

Net Prices, Service included.